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Here comes July and here comes the 2017 edition of the Summer Burn. This year’s event will feature 80 problems set over July and August for you to come in and challenge yourself on.

Come in and purchase a scorecard in order to complete in this aggregate style comp. There are two options: puchasea one month scorecard for $10 +gst for either July or August or purchasea 2 month scorecard for $20 +gst that sets you up for the whole summer.

The event runs from July 1st until September 4th so there are a few bonus days at the end for climbers to send their last problems.
One important point is that up to $5 from each scorecard purchased goes to TABVAR, a volunteer organization that refurbished hangers and anchors on routes in the Bow Valley.

Every week throughout the competition we will picking from the folks who have been climbing and awarding draw prizes. There are also prizes for the top climbers at the end of each month.

Registrations can be done online or at the gym and you can also grab a month or 2- month pass with your scorecard purchase.

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