School Booking Information

How to Book

Option #1: Fill out a School Booking Request Form online.  Looking for a single date: click here.  To request multiple dates: click here.

Option #2: Please call us at 780-496-9390 to book your times. Please have several alternatives in mind in case the time and day you want are unavailable. You will need:

  • Date and time of booking (have several dates and times in mind because we fill up fast
  • Name of School
  • Contact Person
  • E-mail Address
  • Address
  • Postal Code
  • Telephone Number
  • Grade
  • Type of Program
  • Number of Participants

Waivers & Notice of Risk Agreements
All participants under 18 years of age must have a waiver pre-signed by a parent before they can climb in the facility. The waiver must be completed in full including initials of parent (3 boxes), the current date, the parent's signature and printed name and the participant's information. The appropriate waiver will be e-mailed to you when you book.

Booking Contract
VIRG requires that all schools sign and return a Booking Contract acknowledging the policies pertaining to bookings at Vertically Inclined and agreeing to pay a cancellation fee if applicable. Please return the Contract you receive as soon as possible.

For 1-Hour Taste of Climbing sessions, the cancellation fee and minimum charge are $90.

For 2-Hour Just Climbing sessions, the cancellation fee and minimum charge are $125.

For 3-Hour Getting Into It sessions, the cancellation feel and minimum charge are $200.

Cancellation fees are imposed for cancellations done less than 14 days prior to your session.

Numbers Booked and Confirmation Calls
You can book a maximum of 48 students at Vertically Inclined. As the contact person, you are responsible for confirming the number of participants that climb. Please call at least 48 hours prior to your booking and give us confirmed numbers so that you are not charged for the original number of students that you have booked for. VIRG must charge for the number of participants that you have booked and by confirming numbers we can ensure that you are not overcharged.